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Pine Village Small Farm is located in Holualoa, which is part of the world famous Kona Coffee Belt on the Big Island, Hawai'i.

My name is Yukio Muramatsu. I moved to Big Island in 2009, and with the help of ohana, friends, and veteran coffee farmers, I started the coffee farm with natural fertilizers. We began avoiding chemical pesticides in December 2013.

The small town of Holualoa used to be a place where many Japanese immigrants grew coffee, so it is a town with a rich history where many people have a connection with Japan. I'm really happy to have started the farm here.

The farm is just less than 8 acres. It's small for a coffee plantation, but it still requires a small number of people to take maintain.


 Coffee Tree - February 

Arabica Tipica coffee trees grow toward the harvest season.


 Coffee Tree - June 

Every year, the harvest period stretches from July to December, so we miss the Hawaiian ocean activities during this time.


 Coffee Tree - November 


 Cacao Trees 

We have about 200 cacao trees, which keep us busy year-round.


 Banana Trees 

And in the banana forest, there are always too many bananas to eat overhead.

We will continue to do our best to create a farm that is comfortable for nature, humans, animals, and insects. Please come visit us to check out our farm.

- Arigatou and aloha, from Pine Village Small Farm

Yukio, Sachiyo, Ken, Ren and On Muramatsu, and all of the staff

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